Critical Cycles Women’s Chatham-7 Beach Cruiser Review

Critical Cycles Women's Chatham-7 Beach Cruiser Review

Critical Cycles’ Chatham-7 Beach Cruiser makes sure that you remain comfortable while conquering hillsides. If the usual beach cruiser is easy and comfy, this seven-speed beach cruiser takes comfort and ease-of-use to new heights. It is built for optimum performance due to its Shimano drivetrain, RevoShift shifter, and handlebar-integrated brake levers.

The Chatham-7 has a steel frame which absorbs shocks well and makes the bike more durable. Your riding experience is improved because of its wider cruiser saddle, high handlebars with squishy grips, and thick Wanda tires.

The Shimano Tourney derailleur comes from a brand renowned for precision and reliability, and this mechanism improves the experience of traveling on all kinds of terrain, and the Promax alloy V-brakes guarantees your safety with accurate and responsive brakes.


  • Comes with a hand-built steel frame
  • High handlebars for a comfortable upright position
  • V-Brakes made of Promax Alloy
  • Has Seven-Speeds care of RevoShift Grip Shifter and Shimano Tourney Drivetrain
  • Wanda Tires measuring 26 inches by 2.25 inches
  • Double-walled rims
  • Wider-than-standard cruiser saddle
  • Cushioned handlebar grips
  • Durable and lightweight pedals
  • Available Colors: Coral, Sand, Sky Blue
  • Wheel Size: 26 inches
  • Weight: 40 lbs.
  • Standover Height: 40 cm.


Cruiser bikes are unique and popular bikes that are noted for their durability and comfort. Perfect for long-term use and rides around the neighborhood, they had immense popularity in the United States in the early 1930s to the late 1950s.

Around that time, they were usually preferred by paperboys and bicycle couriers for daily use because of their suitability for riding at moderate speeds and distances on paved roads. A decline in their popularity ensued when imported bikes from Great Britain and Europe were introduced to the market, and English racer bikes took the market by storm because of their lightness and agility.

As compared to the best cruiser bikes at that time, the English racer bike has a greater capacity for faster speed because of its lighter body and narrow tires.

Even in its decline, cruiser bikes were still continued to be used for recreational purposes in the 1960s. Because of its wide tires, the bike can easily be used on the sand and on boardwalks, and in 1976, the name “Beach Cruiser” was given to it.

The classic beach cruiser has notable features that are distinct to it. As these bikes are not recommended for use in tournaments or off the trail, they were built with handlebars, seats, fenders, and wheels that are designed for comfort and long-term use.

If a beach cruiser is already easy and comfortable to use, a multi-speed beach cruiser gives the rider better control over the ground, and above all, better speed. The 7-Speed Chatham-7 Beach Cruiser by Critical Cycles has a RevoShift grip shifter and a Shimano derailleur.

Shimano is a brand known for its precision and reliability, and its seven-speed drivetrain will take you to more places effortlessly, accurately, and timely. Dependable and reactive, the Promax V-brakes help in keeping you in control of your ride all the time.

The Chatham-7’s step-through frame is made of shock-absorbent, and virtually indestructible, high-tensile strength steel. The step-through Dutch style and lower standover height make it easier to mount and get off the bike.

Equipped with high handlebars, it ensured a comfy and upright riding position, promoting good posture, thus making it easy on the rider’s back, especially on long trips. The cushy grips on the handlebars are also an added feature for more comfort.

The extra-wide Wanda tires on the Chatham-7 are stable, shock-absorbent, and have a good grip. Measuring 26 inches by 2.25 inches, these Wanda tires have notable reliability, resilience, and responsiveness.

To extend the life of the bike and its components, double-walled rims are also included to secure the tubes in the tires with the spokes on the wheels.

The Chatham-7 is designed to be sturdier and more resilient than most of the bikes in the same class. All of the users’ expectations were met, and most were very happy and content with their purchase and at the ease of assembling the unit.


Because cruiser bikes are made for comfort and durability, some users may feel limited because they can mainly be used on smooth roads. Even if the Chatham-7 has a seven-speed drivetrain, it can only go as far as steep hillsides, but nowhere near where mountain bikes can go.


The Chatham-7 Beach Cruiser by Critical Cycles is a great buy for people looking for a bike to ride around the neighborhood with an added assistance in inclines, thanks to the bike’s 7-speed feature. It is most definitely a great buy, with an excellent value for its reasonable price.

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