Eight Reasons Why You Should Commute by Bike

Eight Reasons Why You Should Commute by Bike

You might have purchased a bicycle for leisure, but there are times that a bicycle can get you out of a pinch. Here are some reasons why you should use your bike for your daily commute:

It is fun and entertaining.

Do you remember the exhilarating feeling when you first rode your bike as a kid? You felt so independent, limitless, fast and ready for all sorts of adventure.

Commuting by bike is a good way to rekindle those emotions. You will see that those feelings have not changed, and it is a great way of bringing in bits of joy in the usual stressful life.

Many grown people have forgotten to have fun, and having fun every day will help in longevity and overall health. It may even help you have a better disposition and focus at work.

It is a great and subtle form of exercise.

Who would say no to exercise without feeling the strains of working out? When you ride your bike to work, you add in plenty of minutes of cardiovascular activity, and you won’t feel strained in doing it because you have to do it.

Bicycling is a fun activity, and as you ride more, your stamina also increases and so does your fitness levels. This may be one way of achieving that perfect body you’ve been wanting for years.

It is very efficient.

The bicycle can get you from point A to point B with less effort than driving a car, waiting in traffic, and finding a parking spot. Exerting only the same effort as one would use while walking around at a casual pace, riding a bike came make your trip three times faster.

If your place of residence is too far from work, you can consider taking your bike on the bus and just ride part of the way to work or consider having a bike at work and use it for short errands.

It minimizes stress.

If you are the type to get affected by the driving mistakes of people around you, save yourself the irritation and just ride a bike. Driving a car can be toxic and stressful; you’ll find yourself in a road rage or just cursing and honking at fellow commuters.

When outside the security and anonymity of cars, people are more civil and pleasant. You’ll be amazed at the number of bad vibes that you’ve been spared from when you choose to ride a bike for your daily commute.

It lets you appreciate your community and surroundings more.

Have you ever walked past an interesting place and learned that it’s been there for ages even if you drive by the street every day? You will be surprised at the things that you don’t notice when you drive a car around, and you can just mindlessly run errand after errand. Sometimes, all you need is to take it slow and bask in your surroundings.

It can help you save money.

Driving a car can get expensive, especially when gas prices are at a high. Maintaining a car is also expensive when you have loan payments, registration, insurance, license fee, tickets and repairs.

Bicycles are less expensive to maintain than cars. If you use your bike for your daily commute and save your car for multi-person and long-range trips, it can save you a lot of money.

It can save you some time.

If you bought a car just so you can drive to work, it may mean that you are working more just so you can afford to have that car. Bicycle ownership is not expensive at all, and the time you save working can be spent at home or for yourself and your hobbies.

Also, it may save you time from hitting the gym because you are already getting your daily exercise. Time for yourself, with family or friends, is a better investment.

Go green.

Environmental issues are one of the critical issues in our time. Just think of the amount of pollution that can be reduced when people opt to ride a bike for their daily commute.

Fewer cars on the road can encourage people to also ride their bikes or walk. This may also mean that roads become safer for children to ride their bikes to school again.

Also, noise pollution is greatly decreased when there are fewer cars on the road. By riding your bike, you can inspire others to do the same, and help reduce pollution one bicyclist at a time.

Now that you have plenty of reasons to use a bike for your daily commute, how do you know which one is right? There are plenty of choices out there, but one of the famous choices for leisurely biking is the Beach Cruiser.

Beach cruisers are designed for recreational riding, and comfort is the main key to this bike. It ensures that the rider has proper posture, and these bikes are usually made to lessen the bumpiness of the road.

Most suited for flat and paved roads, it is great for commuting in the city or town, and it has also 3-speed and 7-speed options if you need faster speed and assistance in riding over hills. The Beach Cruiser are also an eye-catching and stylish ride, so it is something that you’d want to be seen riding.

Thanks to a wide array of colors and models available, you can easily choose one that will suit your taste and style.

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