Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review

Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review

For most kids, having a bike is just part of growing up and learning how to be more responsible with their belongings. A bicycle is an easy form of transportation that many kids and teenagers use so that they no longer have to rely on their parents.

On the other hand, a bike has many functions for an adult. It does its job of getting you from one place to another, but it is also more efficient when it comes to moving faster.

Bikes are great for beating the traffic during rush hours and for lessening your carbon footprint. Bike riding is also a great form of exercise.

With the long list of benefits from riding bikes, it’s only normal to consider changing your mode of transportation. Whether you drive a car and sit in traffic for hours or you rely on public transportation, you will benefit from riding a bike to and from work instead.

To give you a better idea of what exactly bikes offer potential riders like yourself, this review will cover the Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle 26-Inch. Here you will learn more about its various features, the pros of owning one, and also the cons of choosing this particular cruiser bike.


  • Single-speed cruiser bike for men
  • 26-inch thick and sturdy frame
  • Handlebars are easy to reach to allow upright bike cruising
  • Easy to balance and control
  • Wide and padded seat saddle for enhanced comfort
  • All black tires and frame
  • Pedals fitted with backward coaster brakes
  • Simple yet modern feel and design
  • Great for recreational cruisers
  • Extended frame for better arm reach
  • Does not have complicated cables
  • Allows riders to maintain a steady speed between 3 and 15 MPH
  • Fits most men with heights between 5’4” to 6’4”
  • 80% assembled upon arrival


When it comes to easy and comfortable bike riding, cruisers are the top choice and the Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle 26-Inch is a great choice. Men who want to ride bikes simply for relaxing and cruising cannot go wrong with this specific cruiser bike.

It is very comfortable to ride down beaches and roads and it also looks very formidable and cool. Since this bike is single speed, it is very easy to learn how to ride and control. It will make novice bike riders fall in love with biking in general.

The brakes that come with the Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle 26-Inch are also very sensitive, making it safe to ride. You can immediately do an emergency stop when needed so that you do not get into accidents.

This bike comes highly recommended by those who purchased it and have found themselves riding it on a daily basis. This bike is well-loved by teenage boys who like to ride with their friends around their neighborhood as well as young professionals looking for an alternative way to get to and from work.

The Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle is an affordable choice for a cruiser bikes as well. It’s easy to assemble.

This means you save on both the initial purchase and all the money you would typically spend on commuting every day. You can ride your bike as soon as it arrives and you finish assembling it.

It’s a win-win for people who want to save both their money and to help the environment in every little way that they can.


A downside to the Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle 26-Inch is that it does not hold up against too much wear and tear. For larger set men who need a bicycle as an everyday form of transportation, this particular cruiser might not be a good choice as it will degrade quickly because of the weight and pressure applied to it.

Some users have noticed that the wheels of this cruiser bike do not last very long and will need to be replaced more often than those of other bike brands. With proper care and riding it only on flat surfaces, however, you can keep your bike’s wheel in top shape for longer.

This cruiser bike is also very heavy. This is an important factor to consider, especially if you live in areas where you will often go uphill.

It will be a struggle to ride up and even push the cruiser bike up on hills. So if you do need to go uphill on a daily basis, this is not a bike you should consider.


When it comes to getting an affordable single-speed cruiser bike that will work well for both everyday commuting use and relaxing bike rides the Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle 26-Inch is a great choice.

Those who have tried riding this bike agree that it is worth the purchase because they find themselves riding their cruiser bikes almost every day and everywhere.

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