Kent Oakwood Men’s Cruiser Bike Review

Kent Oakwood Men's Cruiser Bike Review

Whether you live in the city or on the boardwalk, the Oakwood Aluminum Cruiser is a stylish and elegant way to get around the neighborhood. On a bike, you are saved the hassles of the traffic, and this eye-catching bike is the perfect companion because it is comfortable, durable, and easy to use.

Even though cruiser bikes are known to be slow and heavy, the Oakwood Aluminum Cruiser has seven speeds and an aluminum body.

You will not break a sweat when riding on hillsides, and it can easily outrun standard cruisers. For optimal comfort, the saddle of Kent Oakwood Men’s Cruiser Bike is padded and is also equipped with special springs to absorb the bumps and humps in the road.


  • 7-Speed Bike
  • Aluminum cruiser bike frame
  • Front and rear hand brake
  • Enclosed Chain Cover
  • Quick-release seat post clamp
  • Elegant and masculine design
  • Weight: 40 lbs.
  • Maximum weight: 320 lbs.
  • Wheel size: 26 inches
  • Color: Black and white with some gray highlights
  • Professional assembly recommended


If you are getting tired of traffic, you may consider riding a bike to your destination instead of wasting additional precious time stuck on the road. One of the bikes that are perfect for city use is the cruiser bike.

Cruiser bikes are popular bikes that are famous for their durability and comfort. They are perfect for long-term use and leisurely rides around the neighborhood.

In the early 1930s to the late 1950s, they had immense popularity in the United States. Because of their suitability for riding at moderate speeds and distances on paved roads, they were preferred by paperboys and bicycle couriers for everyday use.

In the early 1960s, they suffered a decline in its popularity when imported bikes from Great Britain and Europe took center stage in the market. Those bikes were the English Racers which took the market by storm because of their lightness and agility.

Because of their lighter body and narrow tires, the English Racer Bike beat the Cruiser Bike. Although even in its decline, Cruiser bikes were still used for recreational and utilitarian purposes.

Their wide tires made it easy for the bikes to be used on the sand and on boardwalks, and they were dubbed the “Beach Cruiser” in 1976. With their distinct and notable features, cruiser bikes have prioritized style, longevity, and comfort, as compared to other kinds of bikes.

Cruiser bikes are not recommended for use in tournaments or on difficult terrains as they are best suited for use on bike trails and city roads.

Kent Oakwood is one of the reliable bike brands who provide high-quality bikes, and they have dubbed this bike as the “ultimate beach cruiser.” With its lightweight and rustproof aluminum frame and fork, the bike is guaranteed for long-term and frequent use.

The aluminum frames also ensure that the bike remains light enough for you to be able to carry heavy loads while remaining strong and stable. Highly durable, this beach cruiser will continue to look gorgeous for years to come, while remaining comfortable and easy to ride.

The enclosed chain cover protects the bike’s chain from the weather and also keeps your clothes safe from dirt. For more comfort while seated, the bike’s saddle is padded with foam and has special springs that help in reducing the bumpiness of the ride.

The bike also has a strong front and rear handbrake and a quick release clamp for the seat post. With a wheel size of 26 inches, it can comfortably seat men whose heights range between 5 feet 8 inches and 6 feet 5 inches.

Because of its 7-speed feature, this bike can easily outrun normal beach cruisers on the road. You will not break a sweat while going up and down a hillside.

Black and white with some gray highlights and a sleek masculine design, this gorgeous bike with its wonderful features is truly your perfect companion down the road.


Since this bike will arrive at your doorstep unassembled, you will need some good DIY skills to assemble it. Some users commented that the instructional manual included is quite hard to understand, so you may need to look up instructions on the internet. If all else fails, taking it to the bike shop for assembly will do.


If you are looking for the perfect companion to take on the road, Kent Oakwood Men’s Cruiser bike may just be right for you. With a sleek masculine design, this gorgeous bike provides reliability, comfort, and utmost durability for your trips.

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