Schwinn Destiny 24-Inch Cruiser Bicycle Review

Schwinn Destiny 24-Inch Cruiser Bicycle Review

Perfect for cruising around the neighborhood, on a bike path, or for just going out to enjoy a leisurely ride, the Schwinn 24-inch Cruiser Bicycle is a great choice. It is made especially for girls, or for people who love the color pink.

This stylish bicycle has a signature Schwinn steel cruiser frame and fork for strength and durability, full fenders to protect your clothes when riding through wet puddles, and a rear rack that you can use when carrying cargo. The Schwinn Destiny 24-Inch Cruiser Bicycle’s alloy wheels are lightweight and strong, and the wide saddle with large springs ensures a comfortable ride.


  • Frame material: Steel
  • Full Fenders
  • Includes a rear cargo rack for additional cargo space
  • Lightweight and strong alloy rims
  • Padded cruiser saddle with springs
  • Coaster breaks
  • Wheel Size: 24
  • Weight: 41.6 lbs.


Schwinn was the company that worked in developing this bike in the United States. In the early 1930s to the late 1950s, cruiser bikes had immense popularity in the U.S.

They were usually preferred for daily use by paperboys and bicycle couriers because they were suitable for use on paved roads and in moderate speeds and distances. From the late 1950s to the early 1960s, cruiser bikes experienced a decline in their popularity because of imported bikes from Britain and Europe that took the market by storm.

These English racers were highly appreciated for their lightness and nimbleness. Also, with their much lighter body and narrow tires, English racers produced greater speed as compared to the best cruiser bikes at that time.

Even when they became obsolete, they were still in use for recreational purposes in the 1960s, and in 1976, the name beach cruiser was given to these bikes. When Schwinn introduced a beach cruiser bike named Black Phantom for their 100th anniversary, cruiser bikes regained their popularity in the early to mid-1990s.

The ones that were mainly attracted to the bike were middle-aged people who were looking for comfortable rides, and Generation X people who were attracted by its affordability. Stylish and elegant, beach cruiser bikes are preferred in the advertisements of many cycling clubs.

Now, every brand offers cruiser bikes because their popularity has grown so much, but Schwinn will always be the American Icon who made cruiser bikes famous.

Cruiser bikes are meant for plain roads, and should not be used for competing in races or going off trail. Stylish and elegant-looking, these eye-catching bikes are best ridden around the neighborhood.

Cruiser bikes have wide and smooth balloon tires, making them easy to use on the beach and sand, but the heavy weight of the tires can make for a rather slow ride at times. The upright handlebars of this bike give an upright position to the user, and this kind of position makes longer rides easier and more comfortable.

Also because of the upright handlebars, no body part gets strained, and back pain is minimized in the rider, and encourages a good upright sitting posture, even when off the bike. It is ideal for use by middle-aged people or people who are suffering from backaches because the rider’s movements are gentle due to the smooth and continuous movements of the bicycle.

Schwinn Destiny 24-Inch Cruiser Bicycle in Pink was specially manufactured with girls and small-framed women in mind. With a steel frame and fork, and alloy rims, strength and durability are one of the bike’s best features.

Its full fenders also provide protection to the clothes of the rider from puddles and dirt on the road. Because of the alloy rims, the bike remains lightweight, and it makes it easy for the rider to carry transport the bike and handle it well.

The seat is padded with foam to guarantee a comfortable and smooth ride, and springs are also attached to the seat to absorb shocks and bumps on the road. A basket can also be attached to added stylishness and function.

Schwinn Destiny 24-Inch Cruiser Bike definitely delivers great value and quality at an affordable price.


Most customers were very happy with the ease of assembling the bike, and that they did not take too much time with it. The bike is also great for users with the height of fewer than 5 feet and 4 inches, so anyone taller than that will have a tough time with the bike.

One downside that users have noted was that the outer coat of paint was not a good quality and the bike had some scratches when it was delivered.


For smooth and comfortable rides perfectly suited in riding around the neighborhood, the Schwinn 24-inch Cruiser Bicycle is a great choice. Elegantly stylish, this bike is a great deal for its price, and it is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.

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