The Different Uses and Advantages of a Cruiser Bike

The Different Uses and Advantages of a Cruiser Bike

What’s a cruiser bike? This is a normal question to ask, especially when you’ve just heard this term for the first time. Cruiser bikes are sometimes also known as beach cruisers. They are a type of bicycle that is more commonly used for leisure than for competition or sport.

This type of bike was very popular in the US back in the 1930’s because it was created specifically for casual riding. This made the cruiser bike a must have for many children who opted to ride bikes to school instead of taking the bus.

Sadly, during the 1960’s the popularity of the cruiser bike began to decline as other types of bikes entered the market. The newer bikes were meant to achieve faster speeds than the cruiser bike, which is why cruisers began to fade into the background.

This decrease in popularity did not last long, though, because the comfort these bikes offer and their classic and vintage style helped the cruiser bike gain back its popularity. For this reason, the cruiser bike or the beach cruiser is now ridden down beaches and suburb streets once more.

Features of Every Cruiser Bike

What’s a cruiser bike without the unique features that help make it what it is? Cruiser bikes are most famously known as the causal bicycle and these are the features that allow them to be so comfortable:

  • Extra wide tires
  • An upright handlebar
  • Sleek and simple classic design
  • Large, padded, wide, and comfortable seats
  • Fitted with a coaster brake where the rider must backpedal to stop the bike from moving
  • Best enjoyed on smooth and leveled surfaces

These are some of the features that almost every brand of cruiser bike will possess. Having the combination of these features creates a bike that is best for slow and comfortable riding.

Why Choose a Cruiser Bike?

Everyone has their preference when it comes to the type of bike they want to invest in. In fact, many bike types like the mountain bike or the road bike require constant and usually expensive upgrades, which can cost a biker a lot of money. This isn’t the same with cruiser bikes.

Cruiser bikes are a must for anyone who enjoys bike riding as a hobby. This type of bike is significantly less expensive than other types of bikes, which means anyone can spare a few bucks to buy a cruiser without blowing their budget.

Cruiser bikes are also great for casual, slow, and relaxed bike rides around scenic areas like the beach. If you want to just cruise down the beach or bike around your neighborhood freely, you should have at least one cruiser bike at home.

What’s a cruiser bike good for if not everyone can enjoy it? One of the best things about cruiser bikes is the number of choices when it comes to sizes and colors.

This means that every member of your family can have a beach cruiser and you can make bike riding a family affair. Plus, biking is a great way to encourage kids to get out of the house and off their gadgets.

There are so many reasons why this type of bike will make a great addition to your home and you’ll find out every single benefit when you buy one for yourself. Here’s a preview:


When you find the perfect cruiser bike, you will be able to appreciate just how durable it is. Most cruiser bikes are made with strong materials that can withstand a lot of weathering, wear and tear, and corroding.

This means you will be able to use your bike for an extended period of time, a benefit every penny-pinching biker will appreciate.

Customize to Your Heart’s Content

Every serious biker will agree that customizing a bike is one of the joys of having a bike. This is no different with the cruiser bike. Although this type of bike has a great vintage and classic look, there are some riders who will add a few customized parts every now and then.

The most common type of customization seen on cruiser bikes is the addition of a basket. This makes the bike more useful, especially for people who always bring something wherever they go.

There are so many advantages to owning a cruiser bike and you know in your heart you will enjoy every bit of riding, caring, and customizing your bike.

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